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Inquiry About Wuxi Hongda Textile Machinery Parts Corporation Limited
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Inquiry About Wuxi Hongda Textile Machinery Parts Corporation Limited2018-09-28 17:47:43
We are a leading Textile Machinery Manufacturing Company in India manufacturing at present Two-For-One Twisters (TFO) and Assembly Winders (AW).
At present, we are manufacturing TFOs with manual piecing of yarn and mechanical cradle lifting mechanism. We want to go for Pneumatic threading and pneumatic cradle lifting systems.
We are interested in your products like Pneumatic Threading Device, Pneumatic Spindles with tensioner, Pneumatic Cradle Lifting Device etc.
We make TFOs with different spindle sizes. To start with, kindly send the details including price, delivery time etc for the above items for Pot size Dia 136 (Feed package dia is about 130 mm) or nearest size.
Our TFO machine spindles are driven by tapes of 20 mm width and 0.5 mm thick. Every tape drives 4 spindles. The spindles are not driven by a single tangential belt for all the spindles like other brand TFO machines.
We are Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company and Our requirement is regular with long range business relationship.  Hence we need special and competitive prices.
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