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2MW Generators
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2MW Generators2019-10-31 22:08:34
We are considering installing our own natural gas power plant to provide up to 3.7MW of power for a large pump that we operate at a facility in Northern California (close to Fairfield, CA).

We have a natural gas supply with low sulfide content (100mg/m3), suitable for a natural gas generator.

Although our facility only runs 10% of the time (to consume say 2Twh/yr of power), we are interested in producing our own power from natural gas, if we can enjoy very high reliability so that we are not likely to ever need to use power from the grid.   For example, we are considering purchasing 3 x 2MW systems, or perhaps 5 x 1MW units, so that we would always have a spare system in reserve in case there were a maintenance problem.  Our hope is that by using this approach, we would always have 4MW of generating capacity available.

My questions to you are:
1) Have you sold units to the USA, and California in particular?
2) Do you have an exhaust system that meets California rules, or can you add one from another manufacturer in China?
3) Is your 2MW system based on a license from a US company, such as Cummins, so that we could use Cummins spare parts or Cummins-trained repair teams to service your systems? 
4) Are there any companies that provide maintenance and repairs for your systems in Northern California?  If none, how would you train our local mechanics to operate and maintain your systems?  
5) Is there anyone in the USA who stockpiles parts for your system, and if not, what is the delivery time from China by air freight?
6) What is the Mean Time Between Failure and what is the guaranteed up-time rate for your equipment?
7) How long is your warranty?  (both in operating hours and calendar years)
8) If your 2MW engine is not based on a global-company design (e.g. Cummins), do you offer another engine, such as a 1MW or a 3MW unit that uses a Cummins or other global company design (so we can get spare parts and repair teams more easily) ?
9) what would be an approximate FOB price for 3 x 2MW gas generators, set up to run as a 4MW system with one unit in reserve, including an exhaust system approved for California?

Thank you.

Peter Hornick
Zebra LLC
212 877 2121
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