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I would like to purchase your products. Please  give your mail id.

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2023-09-04 21:40:36
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Dear Dalian No.1, I am writing to request the quotation for the current transformer = 3pcs model: LZZJ1-24C. The CT will be delivered to Guangzhou where my forwarder address Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, Latsany

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2023-08-25 10:14:28
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Hello Lee, It was difficult to find you again. Please give me an update of the present situation. Best regards, Frank van Soldt Bokmak BV (Repusel)

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2023-08-11 21:44:30
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Please send me a catalogue & prices. ACE Reduction gearbox Model: ARA2-1:1-LR Ratio: 1:1 Qty: 10 pcs From : Mr. Kelvin Wong Mpac Engineering Systems 65 Tuas Ave1, Singapore 639508

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2023-06-25 17:44:51
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Hi we are interested to buy your nano ceramic protection products We re in France please get in touch with me My questions : is this polysilizane resin ? do you have different range or product ? Can we apply it by spraying ? can we apply it over satinated or mate surface ? thanks Guillaume Qin Fen

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2023-05-14 19:54:47
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Mantra Energy requests your company to submit a quotation for the supply of Flow Meter described below: 1. RTD elements WZPK-236,ф6, L=300, l=100+50, SS304 –  - - ( 4 Pc ) 2. Flow meter TAG: FI-505: LZZ-15/1/RR1,DN15mm,1-10Nm3(N2)/hr –( 1 pcs ) 3. Flow meter TAG: FI-404 – ( 1 pcs ) Your quotation shall include: 1. Quotation reference and date. 2. A complete description of offered material/ goods with relevant supporting data sheets, and technical literature. 3. Delivery time. 4. Delivery term. 5. Payment terms.

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2023-05-12 14:23:16
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I would like to purchase your products. , I want to ask inquiry about sida sparepart engine can you contact me asap?

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2023-03-13 17:40:12
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Hello. I'm in need of Toptom UTV 400cc rear left drive shaft (cv joint). Is it possible to buy one or can you tell me the spare part code? Maybe other China UTV/ATV drive shaft will fit? Greetins

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2023-03-09 03:11:31
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Dear Mr/Mrs I'm Hoan from Vietnam. Currently, my company is finding the supplier, provide current, potential transformers for electrical cabinets. I searched your company on the internet. We have a demand to buy zero current transformers, fuse voltage transformers, current transformers used indoors. Voltage range: 6-40.5kV, Current range: 5-5000A . Can you get me the catalog? Sincerely, Nguyen Tai Hoan

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2023-03-07 17:02:17
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Dear sir, We need for our productions clear/transparent glass ceramics 4mm (grinding/polished edge) following dimensions: 1. 240x200 mm     15.000 pcs 2. 202x172 mm    10.000 pcs 3. 330x160 mm              0 pcs 4. 270x240 mm      2.000 pcs Or we accept to buy from you, your standard table dimension off glass ceramics ~ 1500 m2 or your MOQ, at once. Prices of raw materials ( Lithium carbonate, Spodumene ...)  are in decline, we expect a good price from you. Please send us you are the best offer. 

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2023-02-23 21:21:06
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Please provide me with more product details.

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2023-02-18 15:21:43
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Heat press maschines 

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2023-02-15 19:17:55
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Hai there, We are indonesia wholesaler and we would like to sell our indonesia market. We are interesting about weijie ironing WJ 600 H (54 hole) I would like you to quote how much for WJ 600H and please quote in RMB since we will pay in RMB instead of USD Please let us know and we are looking hearing from you please share you wechat so we cant communicate easily Many thanks.

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2023-02-01 15:32:53
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Heat transfer, model no WJ-82

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2023-01-30 02:11:49
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Dear Sales Manger, hope you are fine we have invited to submit our offer for project in Iraq please we need you catalogue and data sheet for lab bench stainless steel qty 100 m i will share with you the details if you are interested . Best Regards Eng.Faraj abu househ 00962788310769 kind Regards Faraj Abu Househ Wasfi Altal St Building 124 Riyad center Amman - Jordan

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2023-01-25 17:12:55
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I would like to purchase your products. Please send your email address.

Sri Lanka
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2023-01-23 15:13:26
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Please send us your best offer 1. 100/1,Rated Current Ratio, Type LZZBJ9-12/185B/4, Rated Insulation Level 13.8KV,60HZ, 15VA Rated output . 0.5 Accuracy .  Qty: 5. 2. 150/1,Rated Current Ratio, Type LZZBJ9-12/185B/4, Rated Insulation Level 13.8KV,60HZ, 15VA Rated output . 0.5 Accuracy .  Qty: 5. 3. 200/1,Rated Current Ratio, Type LZZBJ9-12/185B/4, Rated Insulation Level 13.8KV,60HZ, 15VA Rated output . 0.5 Accuracy .  Qty: 5.

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2023-01-11 06:54:06
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I need to buy 03 pcs JDZX11-35W

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2022-11-14 15:20:17
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Please forward me your Company profile, manufacturing facility details and profile etc.

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2022-10-08 12:36:47
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We are Meditec S.A. Bogota - We are looking for small/medium size complete Extruder system for Medical Grade PVC flexible tubing - to produce medical cathetrs & tubes

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2022-10-01 11:12:48
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I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me

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2022-09-27 16:17:41
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Good day, could you please give me a price quote for 10 Nylube three speed XNLOE-3 (#1520) blower. thank you.

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2022-08-26 09:09:35
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we need butane from iran cont me whatsapp 

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2022-07-24 16:33:27
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Dear Sir/Madam our client/the buyer how wish to purchase, yes backpack for school students , 1-Backpack collection Material:Recycled Material Place of Origin: China Color:Gray | Light Grey,/Black Size:14 inches | 15 inches | custom Quantity 180,000 pieces 2-Material: Film Adhesive Inside Material: Polyester Waterproof: Waterproof Transport Package: 47X13X33 Cm Specification: 33*47*13 cm ,quote good prices per piece cif Mombasa sea port Kenya East Africa.

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2022-06-30 16:22:00
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