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Inquiry About Wuxi Bolong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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  • 2019-11-13 14:35:03
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Inquiry About Wuxi Bolong Machinery Co.,Ltd.2019-11-13 14:35:03
Dear sir/madam,
We as Empet Metallurgy Co. Ltd, do manufacturing in Mining, Metallurgy and Seramics Industry as micronizing the various materials with different hardness such as zircon, mullit, etc.
Also we provide consultancy, engineering and assembly services to industrial facilities, especially steel industry, with more than 30 years of experience.
Lastly, our Research&Development activities are the main focus of our company that we work on development of advanced technology materials.
Recently, we plan to make “Stainless Steel Production Facility” with capacity of 25.000 tons annually from %100 stainless steel scrap.
So, we have found your contact information on  internet.
If you can provide, could you please send your offer as a the KeyTurn Project according to the specifications written below:
Final Product From The Facility          : Stainless Steel
Quality                                                    : 304
Dimension Information of Rolling Mill Production
•	Diameter                                          : 18mm- 40mm 
•	Length                                              : 3 metre
A.    Steel Making Budget Price List
2 x Induction Furnace 5 Ton                       
·        Nominal capacity                    : 5 tn
1 x Ladle Furnace (Electro Plazma Heating)
·        Number of electrode             : 2
1 x vaccum Plant 5 tn – VD/VOD ( Vacuum degasser – Vacuum Oxgygen Degasser)
·        Vacuum generation               : Mechanical pumps
·        Suction 
·        (VD)                                             
·        (VOD)                                          
1 x Continous Casting Machine
•	Type of machine                        : Caster
•	No of stand                                 : 2
•	Design product section size     : 120-200 dia.
•	Ladle empty time                       : around 25 minute
1 x Material Handling System
1 x Dedusting System,
1 x Tapping car
5 x Ladles
1 x Ladle dryer
2 x Ladle preheater,
B.    Rolling Mill Budget Price
1 x Induction Re-heating Furnace 5 t/h
1 x Bar Rolling Mill for Special Steel.
•	Shifttable/Reversing stands, with side guide,
•	Manipulators and roller table,
•	Lubrication &  Hydraulic System
1 x Continuous mill,
•	H, V shears, 
•	Roller table and Water box, 
•	Sizing stand,
•	Cooling bed and Cold Shear
•	Lubricatin and Hydraulic System,
1 x Electrical and Automation for Technolagical part
1 x Set of Operational Equipment, spare stands
1 x Water treatment Plant,
1 x Additional Electrical Equipment
•	Transf, etc.
1 x Set of piping and installational material
1 x Set of Electrical cables and installation material.
C.    Auxilliary Equipment,
•	Oxgyen plant
•	Laboratories,
•	Substation, SVC&Power distrubition
•	Crane
Looking forward to hearing from you
EMPET Metalurji Co. Ltd.

Head Office Inonu Cad. Sumko Sitesi M4 Blok D:44 

Factory         Umurbey Mah. Eski Orhangazi Yolu Cad. No:21
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