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Hello     PDF file send me Name card pls send me

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2023-09-26 00:41:49
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-09-18 17:10:18
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I need to print onto HDPE netting for Shadenet. If I send sample do you think you can have a solution. Thank you Michael

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  • Fujian Green Spring Environmental Material Technology Co.,ltd
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2023-09-14 09:53:27
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Can you please send me a distributor price list and catalogue for your best-selling products for sales to the United States market.

United States
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2023-09-14 00:57:27
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my name is John Matandare from Zimbabwe, I would like to start a tyre mending, removing and fitting business , looking for equipment, how much will that cost me

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2023-09-07 21:16:03
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order.

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2023-07-14 03:15:51
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Looking for baby stollers
Add me on wechat satmeetbedi.  WhatsApp 

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2023-05-07 21:40:01
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I would send you order.Please send me e-mail address for our order. 1000 Tons fiber of cotton Strict Middling. 1. Product technical specifications a) Micronaire: 4.5 - 4.9 Microgram / Inch b) Pressley: 86 000 to 95 000 c) Tenacity (gr/tex): 28 - 30 d) Maturity (%) > 85 e) White color f) Impurity rate (%)

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2023-04-13 15:28:19
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are you online

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2023-03-27 14:40:02
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Hello, my name is Arthur. I am from Armenia. I am director of ART AND RUB LLC company. I am from Armenia, I want to cooperate with you and buy clothes the imports in Armenia please provide information. 

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2023-03-21 15:32:10
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Hi Amy, are you still selling the 4w cabinet lights?

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2023-03-13 06:03:22
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¿Puede enviarme una lista de precios y un catálogo de sus productos más vendidos? juan miguel luis

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2023-03-11 21:28:16
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I will like to buy first 2 of each valve DCV40/1-0313 DCV60/1-0174 DCV60A/3-0159

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2023-02-24 16:07:02
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Please provide me with product details of high mast light type BDG-0020

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2023-02-03 22:27:28
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Hi! I need you to cantact me ASAP. I have tried to e-mail Jessica (our contactperson). We have bought a lot of different bags from you earlier and now I need new prices. 

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2023-01-31 21:04:27
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Dear sirs! I have sent e-mails to jessica about our earlier ordered coolerbags. Pls come back asap. Thanks in advance Best reg Joakim Rennemark Reklamvision AB Sweden

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2023-01-26 16:34:05
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Please provide your best quotation for the below requirement along with the shipment's dimension and weight. 1- NUT, HEXAGON;SS ASTM A194,8, M10,1.5MM, MFR: SHIN JIN BOLT CO.,LTD, DWG:MD-502- 7A30-ME-DRD[1]1006-0017 REV:0, DWG:MD-502- 7A30-ME-DRD[1]1006-0040 REV:0, DWG:MD-502- 7A30-ME-DRD[1]1006-0059 REV:0, DWG:MD-502- 7A30-ME-DRD[1]1006-0130 REV: 0,0,0. Qty:555 EA

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2023-01-14 03:59:45
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Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also.

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2022-12-22 00:55:12
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Hello I need some HS code.If Its possible  please send it to me. 1."Grey Towel 40*60cm,1000gsm" 2."High grade detailing brush Blue solid tapered filament(44mm) Black body color 4X4 logo No.100-18, 26mm" 3."Brown paper 4X4 Black printing" 4."Air brush,needle 0.2 TD-180" 5."Air brush,needle 0.3 TD-180" 6.Stick plate for RO polishing machine 5" 7.Stick plate for RO polishing machine 6" 8."Brushes and pad for electric drill One set=7pcs " 9."Wheel brush Plastic handle, plastic filament 42*7cm" 10."Microfiber wheel brush, PP handle. Color:grey. 17“" 11."5"" DA Polisher brush Plastic filament QYWB03" 12."Sponge with 2 colors 100*50* (5+15)mm" 13."Wire brush QYWB20 Length 18cm One set=3pcs" 14."B-1001B Cleaning gun Aluminum, plastic. Including one horn head, one brush head, and control valve. Bearing type." 15."B-1003B Cleaning gun Aluminum, plastic. Including one horn head, one brush head, and control valve."

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2022-12-14 19:54:19
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Добрый день! Интересует низин 1000кг, какая цена?

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2022-10-18 19:40:31
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Looking for two items - factory direct interests only: 1. Looking for factory direct digital TV boxes with Ethernet Port - options are welcomed. Qty 50 thousand. 2. Looking for factory direct Fiber Optic Modem with built in WiFi - options are welcomed. Qty 50 thousand. Best regards, Ronnie. 

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2022-10-07 06:32:49
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- RELAY, GJH40-W-3P-SC, 380 VAC, 40 A, FOR MOV BFP (RJ-M28)

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2022-09-28 12:21:06
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Good morningI want to buy watermelon seeds

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2022-09-15 10:40:02
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Please send me more about the product price.

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2022-09-15 10:37:17
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