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Inquiry About Ausbond(China) Co.,Ltd
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  • 2019-08-13 19:13:44
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Inquiry About Ausbond(China) Co.,Ltd2019-08-13 19:13:44

We currently use Humiseal 1B73 conformal coating and are looking for an equivalent substitute and I am unsure which of your acrylic conformal coatings would be similar. (e.g. 80, 90, 90A, etc).

We do require the inclusion of a UV tracer so that we can verify application coverage using black light (UV).

Our products must operate over temperature cycles 0f -40C to +80C and some components do exceed 100C during operation at high temperature.

Looking for your recommendation(s).


Peter Ragsdale
Director of Hardware Engineering
Q-Free / Intelight Inc.
(760) 585-6388
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