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Hi there,Hv Magikan dustbin model M400,need to buy d refills together with d upper lid n inner pump for my home use.thks Rgds Jamaludin

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  • magikan weste bin dustbin
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2017-02-25 20:42:02
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Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time for 70 ltrs garbage can paddle operated and wheels

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  • Kitchen Plastic Color Large Pedal Trash Bin/Paddle Garbage Can/Dust Bin
IP : 47.15.232.**
2016-12-08 21:35:10
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Kindly forward your CIF price to Tema Port - Ghana, West Africa, for 10,000 sets of 240 ltr Waste Bins to to me as soon as possible. Thank You A Adjei

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  • 240 liter waste bin
IP : 41.242.136.**
2016-11-24 15:52:32
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I Want to purchase 1500*900 mm plastic pallet 4 way ( red , Black & Marlex ) kindly provide me price

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  • plastic logistic pallet
IP : 119.160.119.**
2016-07-27 15:43:45
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Hello Mr., I am Mostofa Fardose writing from my proprietary agency Unique Enterprise in Dhaka. Have a good day and happy day off. These writings is followed by a keen interest to your internationally renowned stand and promise to right prosperity for traders like myself. I would particularly appreciate your packaging product quality, designed and other finishing marks, that disparate itself from other available products. Our desired items are: 1. Out Door Plastic waste bin 120L-Trashcan 2. Out Door Plastic waste bin 240L- Trashcan 3. Out Door Plastic waste bin 240L- Trashcan 4. Out Door Plastic waste bin 240L- Trashcan 5. Out Door Plastic waste bin 360L Trashcan 6. Out Door Plastic waste bin 660L Wheelie Bin 7. Out Door Plastic waste bin 1100L-Wheelie Bin Please let me have a good FOB price list for above products. At the same time, also mention what is your freight rate up to the Chittagong port of Bangladesh. We want to place an order for a 40HQ. high container of the following product items. We need to have Two of products in the way that 50% of the container shall be covered with 240L or 360L and 660L or 1100L liters Plastic waste bin. Once we get the price we will decide which two product will ordered. At this end, further communication is hoped to make with high intensive and encourage. Waiting begins here. Best wishes, Mostofa Fardose

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  • Taizhou Huangyan Bright Plastic & Mould Design Factory
IP : 203.188.255.**
2016-07-05 20:31:59
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Dear Sir We would to receive some FOB prices information about outdoor plastic dustbin following qty as followings : - 120 liters for 1300 units - 340 liters for 40 units - 660 liters for 30 units With plastic dustbin we need a computer application (software) if possible in french language for storage and stock management, geolocalisation..... Awaiting for your cotation, Best regards

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French Polynesia
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2016-07-05 20:20:46
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Hi, i want to buy two of those if the price is right. What will it cost. Included shipping to Norway. Regards Vidar Trane

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2016-07-05 18:18:59
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We are looking to source plastic wheelie bins, with 4 wheels and size approx length 7ft x width 4ft x height 5ft. Do you have such an item in stock, if not, could you let me know the largest size that you stock. We are looking to purchase quantities of 6 or more for export to Jamaica. Could you advise the price of the units and the shipping costs for delivery to Jamaica.

IP : 72.27.16.**
2016-07-05 18:16:49
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we would like to order black color at qty 500 pcs , would you pls give us quotation and shipping fee, may I know the specification out side of bin is leather or aluminium with black color, and inside is aluminum or stainless, and take it off inside of bin

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IP : 124.120.100.**
2016-07-05 18:11:57
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Dear Sir, WE are a New Zealand importer of garden products and are interested in your compost bin ZTD 498. Can you provide some further details like size and price etc and do you have other models of compost bin we might be able to consider. many Thanks Bob Mills Director Haka New Zealand Ltd

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  • Compost Bin, Compost Bucket (ZTD-408)
New Zealand
IP : 122.57.174.**
2016-07-05 18:08:58
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please can you send an offer for: stainless steel 201 6k waste bins for hospitals by the following specifications:- capacities, quantities and thickness 5 litre for 5000 pcs with 0.5 mm 12 litre for 17000 pcs with 0.5 mm 20 litre for 6000 pcs with 0.6 mm 30 litre for 3000 pcs with 0.6 mm 50 litre for 4000 pcs with 0.6 mm 70 litre for 2000 pcs with 0.6 mm I hope to cooperate with your company for another product, I appreciate your support to reply ASAP Sincerely Sami Soliman General Mgr Quality Consultant

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IP : 197.165.220.**
2016-07-05 18:06:05
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