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Inquiry About Qingdao Welink-Sunet Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • 2019-02-12 18:11:54
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Inquiry About Qingdao Welink-Sunet Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.2019-02-12 18:11:54

I'm looking for a quote for a cable assembly. The details of the cable assembly are:
* One end has a 4x2 JST PHD housing, 2mm spacing, model PHDR-08VS (see datasheet
* The other end would ideally have a Chogori Standard Series Panel Mount, Screw Type socket, model 22206615-01 (see datasheet and drawing
* The wiring has 8 cores and will carry less than 2A per wire.
* Wiring should have a length of 100mm.

While I would prefer to use Chogori waterproof sockets, if this is not possible, I would be open to alternative sockets. Any alternatives would need to have an IP-68 environment protection rating.

Depending on cost, I would like to order a small number of samples first, then perhaps an order of 50 assemblies, and if that is successful, perhaps an order of several hundred.

Could you please advise:
1. Cost
2. Alternatives to the Chogori socket, if you aren't able to obtain those.
3. Lead time
4. Shipping cost and times to Australia

Thank you,
Ben Galvin
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