11 Best Wholesale Suitcase in China

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With the footsteps of the cold winter, we are about to enter a new year. Are you ready to go out for a trip? Then you may need a box for carrying your luggage, which is the suitcase.

A suitcase is a box that is carried at the time of exit and is used to place items. It is one of the types of luggage. Usually the suitcase is used to store the clothing, personal care items and souvenirs needed on the trip.

Early luggage was made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularity of air travel, the material of the luggage tends to be lighter in hard plastic or cloth. Most of the models also come with built-in small wheels, which can be easily pulled by the lever. After 2010, there are also 4 small wheel suitcases. In addition to the 360-degree rotation, it can be easily pushed on the ground without any effort.

In addition, the trunk can also be divided into hard-shell luggage and soft-shell luggage according to the outer casing. The hard-shell luggage is more resistant to falling and is suitable for luggage that requires more protection. The soft-shell luggage is usually lighter than the hard-shell luggage and has a more flexible capacity. However, the zipper position of the soft-shell suitcase is more likely to burst due to too many objects inside.

Are hard or soft suitcases better?

Both hard and soft leather materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to the World Travel website, the reasons for the support of soft and hard luggage, although the two believe that the benefits can not be replaced by the counter, but you should pay attention to the luggage The choice, in fact, is best used flexibly according to your shopping destination and the purpose of tourism.

Hard luggage:

In many people's eyes, the hard suitcase looks really cumbersome, especially in the empty box, it is already 6,7 kg. However, hard boxes are much more protective than soft boxes. People who like to buy fragile objects such as art, alcohol, olive oil, etc. in foreign countries, it is best to use hard suitcases.

Because if you travel in a soft box, when you buy these things, you still have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to pack them, so that these fragile items will not be broken.

Soft suitcase:

Soft leather suitcases are generally made of fabric or leather. The main advantage is that the overall quality is lighter, the carrying is more convenient, the flexible space is wider, and more objects can be stuffed, but most of the side uses zipper design. There may be a risk of blasting the object, and the soft box is more susceptible to squeezing than the impact, and the item is at risk of crushing.

What is the best suitcase?

I feel that the trolley case has developed over the years and all brands are inevitably converging. It is also normal to think about it. The cost-effective materials that can be used in the trolley case are just a few. Common PCs, alloys, PP, ABS, and ordinary plastics. Locks evolved from ordinary password locks to TSA locks, and the wheels became more and more stable and effortless. In addition to this, the appearance and color of the changes are constantly changing, and only in these fine details can be worked hard. It may be for this reason, so I was surprised when I saw the smart box.

The smart boxes on the market can be roughly divided into three types: the first one: the free type. The box does not need to be pushed, and will follow you behind yourself. It looks very trendy and the problem is obvious. What should I do when crossing the road? What should I do if the crowd is crowded? What about a narrow space? Pushing the box basically has to be carried out in crowded places such as airports and stations. This kind of box is very tasteless. Second, riding type. Similar to the first one, this time someone can ride on the box and let the box take people away. The first kind of problem will be encountered, and an additional syndrome will be sent. It is understandable that a child can sit on a rocking cradle. It is magical for an adult to ride a box. Okay? The third type is the intelligent unlock type. At present, Xiaomi in China is doing this exploration, but there is still a long way to go with Samsonite in terms of texture and design.

So, where is the best place to buy a suitcase? I will recommend you the most popular 8 trolley shopping sites in China. Read them carefully and you will find that it is so easy to choose a good suitcase.

11 Best Wholesale Suitcase in China


Alibaba is a well-known e-commerce site where you can get everything you want, with high quality and low prices. If you want to buy a suitcase at a wholesale price, this is your best website. There are many options in terms of design and appearance.

Compared to other websites, Alibaba's suitcase is the cheapest. You can even buy a trolley case for $5. It's worth reminding that if you want to shop from here, you must remember one thing. Because he has many sellers, not everyone is real. Therefore, you should also check your certification and product approval before you start shopping and placing an order.


This is a website with an official background. en.china.cn is the only online platform funded by the Chinese state. Although he is not as famous as Alibaba, they also have many suppliers. They have all kinds of suitcases, both ordinary and electric, only you can't think of, no type of suitcase they can't find. For them, quality is absolutely guaranteed, whether it is a product or a trolley, they are supplied after multiple inspections. They also offer discounts up to a 70% discount, so you can buy them at this site when they are on sale, which is definitely worth the money.

They also offer amazing services, where you can contact the supplier directly via email and direct conversation, and they will respond to you within 24 hours. They also offer a variety of payment methods, such as t/t bank card payment, etc. You can also negotiate with the supplier to choose other payment methods. In short, this website gives you enough freedom.

It is worth mentioning that after the sale of this website, if you are not satisfied with the products you received, you can get a full refund!


Zentrada is a European trading community for European traders. It has an Internet platform in the form of a virtual marketplace that can be used for security, security, business-to-business transactions, and a satisfactory and regulated business.

On this platform, zentrada brings together suppliers and buyers of approved consumer and commercial products through quotation and order information, as well as internal and email-based communication systems. The biggest feature of their suitcase is that they have a new three-in-one smart lock. One of the "three" is the TSA password lock, and the remaining two are the USB interface and fingerprint lock. Fingerprint locks are not unusual, and smart doors have long been used. The fingerprints of major companies are basically fingerprinted, but it is rarely used on trolley cases, not to mention the more practical USB next door. Interfaces, people who travel frequently know how useful this feature is. TSA password locks are very common, fingerprint locks are common, USB interfaces are also very common, and it is rare to use them in a three-in-one trolley case. Only the price is high.


Wholesalebagsonline is an import and export trading company that has been in operation since 1999 and has showrooms in Birmingham and Manchester.

They are the UK's leading one-stop wholesaler, offering a range of high quality luggage, stylish ladies handbags, evening bags, travel bags, wallets, wallets and accessories. They have experienced design and purchasing teams to visit exhibitions and exhibitions around the world, so they are at the forefront of fashion, quality and affordable prices.

The biggest feature of their suitcases is that they are at the forefront of fashion. After you buy a suitcase here, you will find a stylish yourself!


Founded for 48 years, Global Sources is a trusted B2B platform that serves buyers and suppliers online and offline. The core business promotes trade between Asia and the , online markets, magazines and applications.The company holds an export procurement exhibition in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in April and October each year. It hosts eight events a year, where you can see a variety of world-class fashion suitcases.


This is one of the most exclusive wholesale suppliers in the UK. There are a lot of suitcases here and they are sold at wholesale prices. If you want to buy suitcases in bulk, then you have the right place.

The biggest feature of the suitcase here is the embedded weighing handle. Generally, the handlebars of the trolley case are not too eye-catching, and at most, they are made slower and rebound, which makes the hand feel better. But using this place to work, it is obviously very chic to make an automatic weighing design. People who have traveled abroad may have such feelings. After buying and buying, they are told that the suitcase is overweight at the airport, or they are still clearing things outside the box before boarding the plane, or pay an extra fee. Affect the mood. If you have a hand grip, you can put it up when you put out the suitcase. It will display the specific number within 40 kg, and it will not be displayed if it is more than 40 kg. But this is fine. Anyway, the first class of the airline is only allowed to carry 40 kilograms. If it is over, it will be clear.


M.dhgate.com is the next big website that you can actually trust, you can buy a wholesale suitcase. Getting a versatile simple suitcase is easy, but designer suitcases are everywhere. Even if one is found, quality cannot be trusted. This is a site where you can buy the best-designed suitcase and there is no doubt in your mind.


All Time Trading is one of the leading online wholesalers of everyday merchandise, apparel clearance deals and seasonal commodities. They have a wide range of suitcases and can offer you a wide range of exotic suitcases in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and more.

It is worth mentioning that most of their suitcases are soft leather suitcases. The overall quality is relatively light and portable, and the flexible space is also relatively wide, which can be stuffed with more objects.


Tundra is reimagining the wholesale market through a frictionless market that allows independent businesses to freely trade, expand and grow. They sell and deliver products directly from American and Canadian brands to smart businesses around the world. By eliminating transaction fees and markups, you and the supplier community can continue to reinvest in their growth. Every dollar spent at Tundra is a dollar that directly supports local businesses.


Travellers Home is a local premium wholesaler and retailer of travel products in Sydney, specializing in the sale of travel backpacks, bags, luggage, briefcases, briefcases and travel accessories. Their travel products are available in offline retail stores and online stores.

Travellers Home's wide range of travel bags presents you with tough quality and stylish looks. The travel bag you carry with you is a key part of your journey. Your comfort depends on what you carry with you. When it comes to Travellers Home products, you can count on them to enjoy a comfortable journey.

If you are looking for the best travel bag, luggage bag, online travel bag and other travel accessories for Australia, choose the Travellers Home bag and find a casual outfit for you, which will be your best companion on the road.


Luggagefactory carries more than 1,000 unique brands, 80K unique travel gear and 6Mill reviews. You can visit their Brands page to sort by brand and style. These are the new collections and new brands in stock! They have the best warranty and best value. These bags are durable. These bags come with a lifetime warranty and the widest and best coverage warranty. They are trustworthy brands that consistently deserve their value.

The last words:

Therefore, these are important information about wholesale suitcases. This article is only a complete guide for those who want to travel on their own laptops.

It contains enough information to get it. List all the important things that you can refer to to purchase a suitcase.


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