13 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

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If you have been looking for a wholesale supplier of plus size clothing in China, then you have nothing to ask for. This article will focus on showing you the best wholesale plus size apparel suppliers from China.

Before showing you a list of wholesale plus size apparel suppliers in China, let us understand why using a Chinese supplier is helpful.

Why use a Chinese wholesale plus size clothing supplier?

1.Cheap price

China is known for offering high quality products at very affordable prices. Even better, your up-front investment will help build good business relationships with your suppliers.

Cheap prices from wholesale plus size clothing suppliers in China allow you to set very competitive prices for your products. This will give you an edge in larger boutique clothing stores.

2. Superior quality

The good quality of Chinese clothing is recognized all over the world. Only Chinese clothing can buy high quality and low price clothing.

After establishing a stable relationship with a wholesale plus size clothing supplier, you can ask for a larger number of customized products.

For example, you can request a product with your brand or even a logo. Doing so will greatly increase your profit margin.

3. Better customer service

Compared with domestic suppliers, Chinese distributors provide better customer service from the start. This will ensure a smooth experience for you.

4. Better opportunities for expansion and diversification

If you want to expand your business or explore an emerging market at some point, using a wholesale and formal apparel supplier based in China may be your best choice.

Working with Chinese suppliers, you will have the opportunity to easily diversify your business, expand your product line, and even sell to international markets.

13 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China


At Wholesale Fashion Plaza, they know that if your boutique is to succeed, in terms of clothing, accessories, cosmetics and fashion boutiques, but not at the usual wholesale prices.

They work with companies to get the best work at the best price, making sure you don't overpay for a look that shoppers love.

In order to reduce costs, most of their goods are bought and sold in six packs. Now, we have exciting news for smaller boutiques and even for buyers who just want to test more products. Recently, Wholesale Fashion Square has added smaller bundles to our buying options, enabling our buyers to buy our products at a price of 3 instead of 6 Reflect the discounted price. They offer one of the largest wholesale clothing options for boutique owners on the Internet.

2. Gitiwholesale

GitiWholesale is a global online seller that offers sexy and stylish products to customers around the world. GitiWholesale.com is your one-stop fashion destination, providing a variety of fashionable and sexy fashion clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, plus size clothing, swimwear, etc. at very competitive prices.

GitiWholesale.com's products are made from high-quality materials and sold at wholesale prices. Buying wholesale products online has never been easier, but with the help of our wholesale suppliers and easy-to-use systems, GitiWholesale is a risk-free solution to start or grow your own business

3. Rosegal

Rosegal has been offering its services since the year 2011. The company offers a wide range of plus size clothing. The plus size clothes available on Rosegal include tops, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, bottoms, intimates, and others. Below, we have the reasons why buying plus size clothing from Rosegal is a good idea.

Reasons to Buy from Rosegal

The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has a wide range of plus size clothes.

The prices are affordable.

The company does offer generous discounts.

All orders worth more than $ 45 are shipped for free.


Fashion is for everyone, which is why Tasha Apparel embraces every body type with their stylish plus size wholesale clothing line. They know your customers come in all shapes and sizes, so they stock their wholesale plus size clothing accordingly so that you can stock your physical store, online store, or eBay and Amazon seller accounts.

One of the biggest problems customers have with plus-size fashion is not enough variety. With such a wide and ever-changing plus-size fashion collection, Tasha Apparel makes it easy for you to turn your store into a one-stop shop for all your customers' needs for plus-size fashion. Whether your customers want a casual home look or a fun outing, they can provide you with a rich choice of styles and tastes. Not to mention, regardless of the season, their vast collection of accessories is the perfect complement to every garment. With Tasha Apparel, your clothing store will be the absolute leader in plus-size fashion.

5. Citygoddess

City Goddess is your best choice for wholesale and large fashion brands to ensure that you have the most popular trending styles that will be more flattering and embrace the curves of your customers. With sizes ranging from 16-28, you can be sure that every XL customer will get the best choice in a graphic-friendly, trend-forward way. Their styles can skip problem areas, while other styles will have a waist and embrace a fuller body, and they will provide whatever you are looking for.

6. Dear-lover

Dear-Lover has been around since the year 2006. The company allows customers interested in plus size clothes to choose what they prefer from a variety of sub-categories. The sub-categories include tops, swimwear, dresses, lingerie, corsets, and costumes .

Buyers can further narrow down their search using the color and decoration options. Below, we have the main reasons why purchasing plus size clothes from Dear-Lover might be a good idea.

Reasons to Purchase Plus Size Clothes from Dear-Lover

The company website makes it extremely easy for the buyer to choose what he / she wants. 

The wholesale plus size clothing supplier offers very affordable prices.

There are numerous clothing options to choose from.

Numerous shipping and payment options are available.


Our advanced e-commerce platform specifically saves you valuable time and other valuable resources, enabling you to accomplish certain things without having to work at home or even at home. They only provide what is displayed on the site, and you will hardly notice the difference between what you originally saw on their site and what you actually received.

Whether you need plus-size clothing in an online store or a boutique, their nationwide delivery network can meet your needs. Let your plus-size customers spread the true spirit of the festival by showing their eye-catching joyful wholesale women's Christmas pullovers in your store. From fun Christmas buzzwords to Santa hanging out in the bar, you'll find all kinds of slogans and characters stuck on their XL Christmas pullovers for women.

8. J5fashion

Since 2007, J5 Fashion has been leading the wholesale fashion industry in Manchester (UK), selling menswear and womenswear, including XL options. With over 20 years of industry experience, they have grown rapidly and can provide the latest designs in fast fashion for the largest retailers such as Prettylittlething, Boohoo and Asos. They traveled to fashion centers around the world to meet customer needs and in the process established strong relationships with international suppliers in Italy, France, Amsterdam and parts of Asia.

Their 24/7 fashion website is now regularly updated with "trends" and you can also use PayPal or any debit / credit card shown at the bottom of the website to buy items. If you have additional questions, you can use the online chat option and they will contact you as soon as possible.

9.CC Wholesaleclothing

As one of the leading suppliers of stylish plus size clothing, CC Wholesale Clothing lets you enjoy the latest sexy plus size clothing. Women who are heavier can buy trendy plus-size clothes or look more fashionable than before. For ladies who want to put the latest outfits in the closet, they offer a wide range of stylish plus size wholesale apparel.

For fashion girls of size, shape or color, just click on a stylish plus size outfit. In addition to stylish plus size clothing, CC Wholesale Clothing also offers fashion accessories, beauty products and fashion jewelry. Their stylish plus size wholesale clothing ranges from tops, basics, dresses to trendy and trendy bottoms. No matter what type of dress you are looking for, you can choose a plus size outfit, as they offer everything from stylish dresses to affordable, trendy outfits.

10. Indiamart

IndiaMART is India's largest online B2B market, connecting buyers with suppliers. This channel has a 60% market share in India's online B2B classification space and is dedicated to providing a platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises and individuals. Founded in 1999, the company has more than 98 million buyers, more than 5.9 million suppliers, and 66 million + products and services. Here you can easily contact sellers anytime, anywhere and have a broad market with more products and suppliers And payment protection plans.

11. Aliexpress

Here is the right place for you to choose a plus size dress. By now, you already know that no matter what you are looking for, you can find it on AliExpress. In fact, they have thousands of great products in all product categories. Whether you are looking for high-end tags or cheap, affordable bulk purchases, they guarantee it will be found on AliExpress.

Here you will find official brand stores and small independent discount stores. No matter how much you choose to spend, these sellers provide fast, reliable, convenient and secure payment methods.

12. En.china.cn

en.china.cn is one of China's leading global wholesalers. Their wholesale business covers more than 200 countries. It can provide you more than one million high-quality products. Is a great wholesaler.

You can find many large-size women's clothing on this website. The price is not only cheap, but the quality is also very reliable. They are checked on the website regardless of whether they are large-size women's clothing or suppliers, so the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Of course, if you are a registered member, you can get additional discounts when wholesale these products.

You can check out their promotions on their weekly sales page. You can find all kinds of promotional products on its homepage, the prices are very favorable, and the quality is guaranteed. If you cannot find the product you want, you can contact their customer service directly, they will reply you as soon as possible and find the corresponding product for you.

It also provides direct shipping services, which is the most famous method of e-commerce transactions. It enables sellers to start their online business without having to keep any inventory. This method is easy to understand. The seller only needs to authorize en.china.cn to complete the order. When buyers place an order, en.china.cn will ship directly to their customers.


DHgate was established back in 2004. Customers who wish to source plus size clothing from DHgate can get them under the Apparel, Sports & Outdoors, and Wedding & Events categories. Below we have the reasons why using DHgate might be beneficial.

Reasons to Buy from DHgate

· The company does offer its customers free shipping.

· The prices on DHgate are very competitive.

· Generous discounts are available.

· DHgate ships to all countries and regions worldwide.

What are the main brands of plus size women's clothing?


AOMOX focuses on serving fat women who are 18-45 years old, and specializes in XL full-size women's clothing.

Advocating transcendent quality of life, advocating natural lifestyle. Life is naturally literary and artistic, expressing the feeling of clear and clear, pursuing a fresh and delicate detached experience. Smiling like a flower in the garden, talking about the Xiaoxiao like a pine forest, the beauty is faint, deep and ethereal.

The beauty of nature lies in the self and the true, and the joy of transcendence lies in the delicate and focused. Remove the Wu Cunyu, and instill the spirit of simplicity. Ao Mo's faith contains the meaning of jumping and the beauty of stillness. The softness and detail of women, such as the blue water of the lake.

2. Overcoat dream

The big shirt dream was founded by a junior student with his homonyms at school, focusing on fat girl paper clothing, 110-190 kg can be worn

3. Fat rice

Fat Mi specializes in 20-50 year-old young fashion style plus size women's clothing.

Fat Mi is a well-known designer brand in China. Founded in May 2002, it is one of the domestic brands designed for fat people. It is made up of a group of extraordinary creative designers and interesting young people, only to give you the best plus size women's clothing. Fat Mi is designed and developed for the needs of modern fat women, so that fat people can also be stylish, elegant and tasteful.

Fat Mi has an independent and distinct stand, such as doing something or not. It uses clothing to extend human culture, extends people's love and expression for color, nature, and emotions, and shares the feelings and joy of inner life.

The brand style refers to the original brand, which is free from constraints, and is known as the brand closest to the customer's heart. Today, Fat Mi has become one of the largest fat women's wear designs in China, exported to various countries and cities overseas, exporting multicultural values and beautiful experiences from the East to the world trend and the international fashion industry.

Last Words

So that's my post all about the top wholesale plus size boutique clothing suppliers in China.

Now It's your turn:

Which supplier from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start a plus size boutique clothing line?

Leave a comment to let me know.


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