6 Ways Choose Digital knife Cutting Machines

  • 2021-07-28 11:33:15
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In the machining process, cutting is the most common processing method. There are many different cutting methods, such as manual cutting, die-cutting, digital cutting, etc. Different cutting methods apply to different types of work.


Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the cutting quality is disappointing, the error is enormous, and the productivity is low. Die-cutting offers a fast and inexpensive way to cut, allowing for high volume production. But as consumer demands increase, more refined finishes have become the new standard for fabricators, and digital cutting allows for more complex shapes to be cut and delicate cuts to be made.


Digital knife Cutting Machines are designed for industrial digital conversion, with intelligent slicing, built-in weighing, and many other unique features. Manufacturers in selecting digital knife cutting machines to integrate various factors, if you are not a professional in the machinery industry, there is not much knowledge of machinery, even if you have collected a lot of information, it is difficult to make the right choice. When choosing equipment, you should compare the quality of the equipment as well as after-sales aspects.


The essential components of the digital knife cutting machine.

1. The body, which carries all the parts of the machine

2. Sliding plate or slide can move numerically to achieve processing

3. Sliding plate drive mechanism, including motors, couplings, screws, nuts slide plate, etc., through the form of movement from rotation to linear movement of the slide

4. Control system, including motor drive, main control board, software, etc., is the core of the machine.



According to the basic structure of the equipment, you can choose from the following aspects.




6 Ways Choose Digital knife Cutting Machines

1.Bed structure


3.Installation process

4.Actual usage cost


6. Warranty terms

 Bed structure

The high-quality bed is an essential factor in ensuring that the cutting machine can run continuously and stably. If the bed quality is poor, work will shake, resulting in poor cutting accuracy, so be sure to choose a greater self-weight, reasonable structure of an all-welded bed.



Only the use of high-quality accessories equipment has the excellent quality, can ensure continuous and stable work. The more critical accessories include the electrodes, the drive method, and the working platform.


The dual-motor drive and the dual-frame drive method can ensure the accuracy of the cutting machine for a long time. The vacuum adsorption platform should try to choose a high-power vacuum pump to ensure that the material is fixed firmly during the processing. Platform plane detection system can effectively extend the service life of the working platform and provide a good cutting effect. Other types of accessories should also choose the regular brand.




Installation process

Good or bad installation technology is the core factor reflecting the production quality of a machine. Even if you choose high-quality accessories, you still can not produce high-quality products if the installation is not reasonable. A qualified installation should be scientific, clean, and tidy.

The actual cost of use

This problem is a critical point. If the cutting machine is processing low yield, high energy consumption, and high scrap rate, it will significantly disadvantage your output. So whether it is to control your costs or improve product quality, choose the actual use of the low-cost cutting machine is very necessary.



Versatility determines the range of work that the cutting machine can perform, the types of materials that can be processed, etc. A fully functional cutting machine can make your investment more valuable.


Warranty terms

This issue is a crucial point in the after-sales service, which determines the warranty coverage of the cutting machine and is an essential factor for you to save on maintenance costs.


As an R&D and production company engaged in the machinery industry for many years, we always insist on producing high-quality machines. We hope we can help more factories to realize intelligent production. We will provide you with high-quality Digital knife Cutting Machines and share more knowledge about choosing the machine. If you need, welcome to contact us!


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