7 Best Websites On Wholesale Plus Size Sweater

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Hand-knitted sweaters have a long history in China. In the beginning, they were first knitted with stitch and thread. It was not until the 1980s that sweaters were gradually woven with the weaving machine. In recent years, people wear a great change, from the original pure warm to light, soft, thin direction, and more fashionable and beautiful. Sweaters have always been one of the most popular items of clothing. Do you know something about wholesale sweaters? If you want to know, this article may help.


7 Best Websites On Wholesale Plus Size Sweater


En.China.cn is one of the best B2B websites in China. En.China.cn was founded in 2006. During the 13 years of steady development, the platform has accumulated tens of millions of suppliers and buyers. Many people visit this website every day and find satisfactory products on this website. If you want to wholesale sweater, this site is definitely worth a look. He has the following advantages:

1. Fast delivery. Most suppliers promise to ship within 15 days, and some can ship within 7 days. If you are in a hurry, you can get your soybean milk machine here as soon as possible.

2. Payment method is convenient and quick. En.China.cn supports more than ten payment methods. You can browse the products anytime, anywhere, and decide the products you want to buy quickly and conveniently. And, with just one button, you can get in touch with the supplier.

3. High security. Because En.China.cn is a state-backed platform and they've been around for 13 years, their system is highly secure and your privacy will never be compromised. Also, the network that the supplier must be real, you can feel free to buy your goods.



Alibaba has several large businesses, several small businesses, and even some suppliers who work from home. This diversity and large number of suppliers can be on the site, which can be confusing because they do not all offer the same quality of services and materials.

However, a general rule of thumb is to use the product review section as well as the vendor to determine if the purchase is worth it. You must be careful to select real reviews, not paid or fake ones, which may have been fabricated by vendors to make their profile look more attractive.


Autumn Cashmere  

Autumn Cashmere is an innovative wholesale sweater company with an exciting collection of cashmere and cotton sweaters.  They introduced their very first sweater collection in 1993 and quickly became the consumer’s choice wholesale cotton sweater suppliers.

They feature the best cashmere sweaters, cotton sweaters, and wool sweaters for both men and women. You can also order wholesale custom sweaters so you get exactly what your customers want. Their products come in various styles and sizes. As such, you can get your kid’s winter wear and plus size cashmere sweaters here.



Dhgate is a leading B2B e-commerce platform in China. They source all kinds of products from leading manufacturers and list them at wholesale prices on their own website.Find wholesale cashmere sweaters and more from Dhgate at competitive prices. They are also the leading wholesale children sweaters suppliers in China. They feature different kinds of kid’s winter wear for children of all ages. You can also find men’s woolen and cotton sweaters at competitive wholesale prices.



Founded in nanjing, China, Made-in-China.com is aimed at connecting Chinese buyers and suppliers. The layout of the company's website is easy to navigate. Chinese suppliers can create their own home page by creating a home page. The home page contains their company profile, introduction and product list.

From this website, you can buy a variety of products covering every niche. You don't have to worry about the quality of the products, because they come from the best and famous manufacturers and manufacturers in China.



Trend:notes is your number one online wholesale fashion source, complete with style forecast bestsellers. The owners of clothing boutiques, shopkeepers and wholesalers can order from them, they have full confidence that they are snatching up fashionable things that their customers will like. Once you understand their business model and fashion philosophy, you won't go anywhere else to replenish your inventory. Use your company name to subscribe to them for free. You will get their wholesale price immediately, together with a $10 discount.


Lovely wholesale   

Lovely wholesale supplies fashion, shoes, jewelry and other accessories in a variety of styles. They focus on quality and pay attention to every detail, keep up with the world trend, so they are updating products every day. Lovely wholesale offers exceptionally low wholesale prices and good quality at the same time. We provide excellent service and are still trying to improve. Lovely wholesale has its own factories in guangzhou and Shanghai. In order to provide more styles (more than 6000 styles), they cooperate with a number of manufacturers in jiangsu, guangzhou, zhejiang and other places specializing in the production of export clothing, handbags, shoes, enabling them to provide a large number of popular styles at very low wholesale prices. We are now the best supplier to wholesalers, retailers and online boutiques or physical stores around the world.


Choose common sense

1. A lot of sweaters are use chemical fiber as raw material, therefore, you can smell first when buying, if do not have peculiar smell just can buy, or it will have harm to the skin otherwise.

2.Sweater elasticity is very important, when buying pull pull the surface of the sweater, check to see how elastic, elastic sweater after washing easy deformation.

3. Turn over the inside of the sweater to see the washing instructions, ask the guide is not dry cleaning, can be in the sun exposure and other problems, so as to take care of later.

4.Check all the yarn joints on the surface of the sweater to see if it is smooth, knitting grain is consistent, yarn color is symmetrical, carefully look at the selection will buy rest assured.


Select skills

1. Products shall have trademarks and Chinese factory names and addresses.

2. Garment size and corresponding specifications shall be marked on the products.

3. Ingredients and contents of raw materials shall be used in the products, mainly referring to the name and content mark of the fabric and lining of clothing. The name and content of the fiber shall be sewn to the appropriate part of the garment and shall be a durable label.

4. The product shall have the graphic symbols and instructions of washing marks, and understand the requirements of washing and maintenance methods. Should consider garment above all whether wash, if cathartic sign says can dry clean only, consumer should consider carefully whether to buy.



We hope our review of the best wholesale sweater suppliers has helped point you in the right direction of where to get your sweaters and related winter clothing like cardigans, cashmere shawls, pullover, and the likes. 


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