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With the emphasis on health gradually strengthened. In order to clean and health, a lot of families have chosen to make soy milk, thus driving home microcomputer automatic soybean milk machine market. Soybean milk has high nutritional value and is an ideal healthy food. According to expert introduction, contain a variety of high grade protein, a variety of vitamins, a variety of human body to need amino acid and a variety of microelement to wait in soya-bean milk. Whether adults, the elderly or children, as long as the consistent drinking, to improve the constitution, immunity, prevention and treatment of disease, there are great benefits. This article mainly introduces what a good soybean milk machine looks like, and lists 7 high-quality websites of wholesale soybean milk machine. If it's exactly what you need, please read on.


The market of soybean milk machine

In recent years, household soybean milk machine market demand has shown the momentum of accelerated growth. Domestic soybean milk machine market sales from 2005 to 2007 were 2.5 million, 3 million, 5 million respectively, this year's sales are expected to soar to 10 million. Experts expect the soybean milk machine market to be very optimistic in the coming years. Compared with other products, small home appliances profit is high, more than 30 percent, so now many enterprises have increased the investment in small home appliances, such as philips, TCL, the United States. In addition, the development speed of this market is also very fast, including soybean milk machine whole small home appliance market in the next few years will usher in a huge space for development.


Broad foreground also drew the covet of numerous home appliance enterprise naturally, the soybean milk machine brand on the market is numerous enumerate, but it is a big situation alone for a long time, jiuyang is holding the market of the left and right sides with the advantage of forerunner and abundant actual strength, have absolute monopoly position. Until recently, things seemed to be improving, with midea announcing a strong entry into the soybean milk machine market.


Soybean milk machine industry has developed rapidly in the past two years, and the market prospect is very broad. At present, the highly monopolized structure of the industry also needs to be broken, which is the main reason for many people entering soybean milk machine industry.


Wholesale Websites


En.China.cn is one of the best B2B websites in China. En.China.cn was founded in 2006. During the 13 years of steady development, the platform has accumulated tens of millions of suppliers and buyers. Many people visit this website every day and find satisfactory products on this website. If you want to wholesale soybean milk machine, this site is definitely worth a look. He has the following advantages:


1. Fast delivery. Most suppliers promise to ship within 15 days, and some can ship within 7 days. If you are in a hurry, you can get your soybean milk machine here as soon as possible.

2. Payment method is convenient and quick. En.China.cn supports more than ten payment methods. You can browse the products anytime, anywhere, and decide the products you want to buy quickly and conveniently. And, with just one button, you can get in touch with the supplier.

3. High security. Because En.China.cn is a state-backed platform and they've been around for 13 years, their system is highly secure and your privacy will never be compromised. Also, the network that the supplier must be real, you can feel free to buy your goods.


Sejal enterprise

The company was established in 1999, is a set of pipe fittings, machinery, generators, lubrication equipment and pumps manufacturing, supply, import and trade as one of the well-known enterprises. Headquartered in pune (maharashtra), India, they have been wholly owned since their establishment. The machines produced by the company are featured by strong function, excellent performance, high dimensional accuracy, high tensile strength, low maintenance cost, good wear resistance, strong structure, strong design and long service life. Because of these characteristics, their products are widely used in agriculture, family, medicine and industry.


Global Source

The Global Source catalog is dominated by large factories and trading companies. This is because of their policy of valuing quality materials and services. While smaller businesses and companies can get into their directories, they need more capital. These larger companies and factories are able to sell their products to buyers in a large wholesale market.

Global source provides bulk products, not individual products. Because of their policy, these larger factories sell their products in bulk at wholesale prices. This makes the overall price of each product cheaper. These products are not as profitable as shipping them directly from factories and warehouses. This means you can save even more money when you order in bulk from global suppliers.Be sure to ask the supplier in advance if the product is in stock and how soon it can be delivered.


Arkartech is another Chinese wholesale website that outsources its inventory. They do have their own inventory and not rather depend on vendors to bring in their own inventory. This is why many smaller businesses are present on the Arkartech. You can easily find many items of different categories from both small vendors and medium-sized vendors.



Alibaba has several large businesses, several small businesses, and even some suppliers who work from home. This diversity and large number of suppliers can be on the site, which can be confusing because they do not all offer the same quality of services and materials.

However, a general rule of thumb is to use the product review section as well as the vendor to determine if the purchase is worth it. You must be careful to select real reviews, not paid or fake ones, which may have been fabricated by vendors to make their profile look more attractive.



DHgate has no minimum requirements to make it easier for buyers. Buyers can buy only one or two items. Many wholesale suppliers offer discounts for wholesale projects. So, if you increase your quantity, the supplier will probably give you a discount. That means the more you buy, the lower the price.


Yiwu go

Yiwu go provides an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to sell goods. You will find several kinds of yiwu Go, from which you can choose the product you want.Most of these products come from domestic Chinese companies. Most suppliers come from yiwu international trade city. This means that these suppliers may have their own factories and workshops where they produce their own products.


Techniques of choose and buy

1. It is to understand the source of materials and accessories used. Soybean milk machine generally USES better materials and accessories, and there are some imported accessories.


2. Check the power plug and wire, etc., and buy products certified by national quality and safety system, such as 3C certification and the Europe Union CE certification. The soybean milk machine that sells in the market must accord with the requirement of national safety standard, must carry CCC attests mark, but the product that sells in a few markets still did not pass CCC attests now, you must recognize and hold.


3. Perfect service system is a good guarantee of product quality, so there should be pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale services as well as network density to meet the service requirements.


4. Crushing effect: whether the performance of the motor and the design of the blade are reasonable determines the degree of bean crushing and the level of pulp yield.


5. Technology of mesh cover: good mesh cover mesh according to the herringbone cross arrangement, dense and uniform.


6. Look at the shape of the heating tube: the lower half of the ideal soybean milk machine heating tube is a small semicircle, easy to wash and load and unload the mesh cover.


7. See whether to use the "golden ratio" design: the ratio of the amount of beans to the amount of water, the water temperature of the grinding, the grinding time, the cooking time and other factors



There are many types of soybean milk machine and you need to carefully select the brand you are satisfied according to the purchasing techniques mentioned in this article. Finally, make sure the buyer gives you a discount before you buy, and you'll often get more surprises.


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