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The development of China's fitness equipment industry began in the late 1980s. With China's accession to the WTO and the success of Beijing's bid for the Olympic Games, the development of fitness equipment industry has provided favorable conditions and development opportunities. The continuous expansion of fitness team has brought strong business opportunities for fitness equipment manufacturers. This article will mainly talk about fitness equipment wholesale related knowledge.


The market of exercise equipment in China

From January to December 2007, China's sports goods industrial enterprises achieved a cumulative industrial output value of 61,313,721 thousand yuan, an increase of 19.39% over the same period in 2006. From January to October 2008, China's sports goods industrial enterprises achieved a cumulative industrial output value of 55,906,766 yuan, an increase of 16.67% over the same period in 2007.

With the rapid development of China's fitness equipment industry, some problems are emerging. In particular, in the international market, there is a lack of well-known brands and low added value of products. At the same time, compared with the international advanced level, many Chinese manufacturers are still in the stage of imitation production and lack the ability of product research and development and technological innovation. So where do you shop for affordable and high quality fitness equipment?


The type of exercise equipment

Fitness equipment is often divided into single function and comprehensive multi - function with training function.

Single-function equipment, commonly used rowing machine, bodybuilding car, treadmill, treadmill, waist machine, AMT fitness machine, elliptical machine, bodybuilding car, treadmill, treadmill and waist machine.

Comprehensive multifunctional device: generally includes chest expander, pull-up, supine press, sit-ups and other equipment functions.


8 best b2b website for exercise equipment wholesaler in China


Many people confuse aliexpress with alibaba because the name and logo are similar. However, there are huge differences in quality and customer support. Aliexpress is an online retail store owned by alibaba group, however, there are some differences that can help you make important decisions.

Aliexpress's retailers are independent because aliexpress does not have its own inventory or supply. They support local and international businesses by providing a sales and purchase platform. Aliexpress has two sources of materials - large suppliers and small businesses.

A large supplier is a larger business that operates on a website. These large enterprises can be factories or trading companies, or they can work online. Although some factories supply their own products, trading companies have a lot of money. They use the money to buy and sell products.



En.China.cn is one of reliable wholesale websites of China, which was founded in 2003.En.China.cn is a popular platform supporting a number of quality suppliers. Therefore, you can get best price out there if you negotiate.Typically, En.China.cn's suppliers provide OEM and ODM services.After selecting the product, we may need to customize the packaging of the product as well as the brand of the product. We must confirm with the supplier whether we need them to provide OEM or ODM service before we can place the order. Building our brand is also important.


global sources

Global sources mainly provides B2B website platform and exhibition services for Chinese suppliers. At the same time, global resources is also a very famous wholesale site. Global resources has thousands of Chinese suppliers. You can wholesale any product global resource platform.

The types of suppliers from global sources are manufacturers and traders. Typically, only large manufacturers and trading companies become members of Global Sources because they have to pay more for it. As a result, suppliers of global resources tend to have higher quality products. It is difficult for small manufacturers and traders to join global resource platforms and trade shows.

Usually, the MOQ is determined by the product. For example, for electronics, the usual minimum order is 500 pieces or more. For special products, such as furniture, the moq is usually a 20ft container.



Made-In-China is one of the biggest wholesale websites in China. It has the guarantee at the suppliers. But you should pay attention at following parts:

1. Minimum order quantity

The moq is determined by the value of the product and the goods. If the value of a product is high, there is usually no minimum order. An example of this product is a large piece of machine. On the other hand, if your product is of low value, say $0.10 per unit, the moq could be 10,000 units or more.

2.Method of payment

Payment terms: l/c, t/t, d/p, western union, paypal, currency exchange. I suggest you pay 30% in advance and the rest before shipment or on the bill of lading.

3. Transportation method

Suppliers can provide three main modes of transportation: sea, air and express. You can choose the mode of transportation according to the weight of your products and goods. You are strongly advised to insure your goods.



DHgate.com has three main types of suppliers: individuals, trading companies and small manufacturers. Many wholesalers buy products through 1688.com and sell them on DHgate. I suggest you contact the seller to purchase the sample first and then wholesale the product after you do some sample tests.

Different products have different minimum orders, but the value of the product is about 50 to 800 yuan. This is acceptable to wholesalers.



The wholesaler center is a business directory that has been set up in the United States to help dropshippers, suppliers, and manufacturers make connections easy. You can buy a wide variety of clothes, such as women's wear, city wear, t-shirts, socks and knitwear, plums, leggings, children's clothing and baby clothes. It is simply a B2B platform where wholesalers, exporters and importers display their goods.

Therefore, only wholesale, which means there is generally a minimum order limit. You can check the details directly on the wholesaler's website. The wholesale center will check and verify each company listed on their catalog.



The name has been around for a while and it is recognized as one of the best online shopping sites. They have a far-reaching network that helps you get what you need quickly. Not only that, it also helps manage your e-commerce store more effectively.

Basic features:

· review store profile

· review manuals, regional, national and international performance

· reach your target audience in the summer



Daraz is really a big e-commerce platform in Pakistan. As a leading online store, they have all kinds of consumer goods, such as dresses, fashion accessories and other goods you can imagine. Daraz follows the amazon model, which is different from normal e-commerce practices in Pakistan. With a variety of payment methods, product reliability, and a wide product range, www.daraz.pk ships are located throughout Pakistan and in over 45 locations worldwide.


Any machine used for a long time will have certain damage, and regular maintenance is to constantly detect the operation of the machine, so as not to appear unnecessary damage! Not only is the gym fitness equipment needs regular maintenance, household equipment also regular maintenance and maintenance, and then can be used more at ease.

1.Maintenance can improve the service life of fitness equipment; According to statistics, have been regular maintenance of fitness equipment than never maintained equipment average life extension of 3 years;

2. Maintenance can ensure the normal operation of fitness equipment and reduce the failure rate; According to statistics, the failure of fitness equipment that has not been maintained 80% can be found in time before the failure, such as early detection and treatment can avoid the failure or expansion;

3.The maintenance costs and spare parts of the equipment manufacturer are expensive. The maintenance can improve the service life of fitness equipment and devices, thus reducing the maintenance times and saving the maintenance cost.

4. Maintenance can save electricity; According to statistics, the maintenance of the equipment consumption is higher 20%;

5.Fitness equipment maintenance reduces blindness and passivity, improves pertinence and initiative; To avoid incurring unnecessary costs;

6.Maintenance can grasp the hidden dangers of fitness equipment; So as to reduce the workload of emergency repair after failure and shorten the time of emergency repair;

7. Regular maintenance of motor, electric control and machinery can prevent potential problems and reduce personal injury caused by circuit and mechanical failure of fitness equipment (circuit short circuit, leakage and mechanical fall off);

8. Maintain the fitness equipment for a long time, make the machine run more smoothly, and make the equipment more ornamental and controllable.



To be sure, there are countless shopping websites offering a wide variety of fitness equipment. I spent some time listing some of these sites.

If you need to choose the right shipping and wholesale sites, it is important that you read through each part of this article. When you're on shopping, life gets easier.



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