9 Best Wholesale Handbags Suppliers in US / UK / China

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This is an article that introduces you to handbags. Fashion handbags are the easiest way to show off style and elegance. Even if your clothes are casual, you only need a smart handbag to enhance the overall look. To mark the unique element of fashion, handbags are very much needed. Not only do they look stylish, they can also be used as fashion accessories.

Do you think that the handbags of well-known brands have expensive labels? Opening this article will be a right decision for you. Here you can make the well-known handbags no longer expensive, so that you can maintain your stylish style without spending too much money. Here are 9 cheap offers A guide to handbag wholesalers, you will be able to buy the best-selling handbags at reasonable prices. Let's dig deeper.

9 Best Wholesale Handbags Suppliers


This is a Chinese platform for wholesale handbags, they provide various wholesale handbag distributors. Their handbags are suitable for many groups such as college students, school children, women and teenagers, and are designed in various styles. Some available styles include PU leather embroidery, cotton letter printing, etc. They also wholesale ordinary backpacks including waterproof backpacks and so on.

The price depends on the type of handbag you want, because the type and style of material are the main differentiators. Still, if you buy wholesale, your budget is $ 2.35- $ 18.

In addition, en.china.cn has multiple warehouses around the world, and shipments are made worldwide. Direct transportation services are also available. In addition, you can directly contact the supplier through various methods such as email and direct dialogue on this website, and they will reply you within 24 hours. They also provide a variety of payment methods, such as t / t bank card payment, etc. You can also negotiate with the supplier to choose other payment methods. In short, this website gives you enough freedom.

It is worth mentioning that after-sale of this website, if you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can get a full refund!


Handbag Fashion is suitable for wholesale handbags, fashion handbags, designer-inspired handbags, counterfeits, evening bags, clutches, belts, etc. The fashion world offers women the best quality handbags and the most popular fashion. Their price depends on the type of handbag you want, because the type and style of the material are the main differentiators. They have warehouses all over the world. In addition, you can directly contact the supplier through various methods such as email and direct dialogue. They will reply you within 24 hours. They also provide a variety of payment methods, such as t / t bank card payment, etc. You can also negotiate with the supplier to choose other payment methods. In short, this website gives you enough freedom.


Purse Obsession is the leading leading online supplier of handbag wholesale. They offer the best selection of quality handbags. All of their prices are the lowest, and they also have occasional discounts and coupons, so you can take advantage of their great discounts and free shipping offers. Here is definitely a wholesaler of quality handbags.


mezonhandbags.com is the main supplier of the latest and most popular fashion handbags. They are sold at the best wholesale prices, specializing in the wholesale of handbags, jewelry and various wholesale wallets and women's clothing, which can't be found anywhere else in the United States. They provide the highest quality handbags and fashion accessories in one stop, including crossbody bags and Michelle Obama wallets.

In fact, they have gone through more than ten years, brilliant 18 years! They excel at supply and distribution. Includes a variety of fashion retailers, including retail stores, fashion boutiques, chain stores, kiosk stores and flea market owners.

They are one of the best handbag distributors in Los Angeles. They also focus on high-quality handbags as well as jewelry collections, scarves, purses, evening bags and much more. mezon handbags carry only the latest hot accessories such as their magazine michelle obama wallet.


Choice Handbag is the most reliable online wholesale distributor of handbags. They have the latest styles of the latest, exclusive designs of fashionable handbags, evening bags, wallets, purses and accessories. Here you will find many wholesale handbags and purses designed for their company. Every product in the Choice tote is high quality and sold at the best price possible and a reasonable price.

6.Hi Jean International

Sign up on Hi Jean International, a leading wholesale company in Markham, Ontario and grab the trending bags at wholesale prices. This website is well known to sell a colossal range of handbags including leather bags, cross body bags, fashion bags, tote bags, evening purses, and clutches etc. The minimum order requirement is $ 250 and shipping cost is calculated according to the location and amount of products purchased.


Wholesaleaccessorymarket they don't just provide the best fashion, jewelry and accessories. They also offer a wide variety of wholesale bags, wallets and wallets for resale at incredible prices. Their wholesale wallets are similar to other products because they focus on providing the latest fashion and designer styles at the lowest prices. They are committed to saving money for your local store while providing quality wholesale totes.


DollarDays is a leading supplier of wholesale merchandise for non-profit organizations, businesses and welfare organizations. Since 2001, they have been improving the lives of people around the world by providing high-value products. They have thousands of products, a personalized buying experience, and a dedicated team that understands the needs of your organization. Is "a brighter way to shop".

9.Simi Accessories

Founded in Toronto in 2008, Simi Accessories is a leading website that offers wholesale resale of fashionable handbags. The website lists fashion and designer handbags, including clutches, wallets, bags and beach bags. If you are a retailer, you must spend at least $ 250 to meet the minimum requirements.

How to maintain the handbag?

Generally, leather bags need to be frequently oiled and cleaned irregularly. The method is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then wipe the surface evenly to avoid applying the oil directly on the leather to avoid damaging the leather Special attention is paid to avoid the damage of chemical substances, and the hard leather bag avoids the impact and scratch of hard objects.

Leather has strong absorption, so attention should be paid to antifouling, especially high-grade frosted leather.

Once a week, wipe with a dry towel with water and wring it out. Repeat several times to gently wipe.

If there is a stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge and a mild detergent, then let it dry naturally. Try it in an inconspicuous corner before using it officially.

If it is stained with grease, it can be used to wipe the cloth. The rest should be dissipated naturally or cleaned by detergent. Do not wipe with water.

Hardware maintenance on leather goods should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. If it is slightly oxidized, try rubbing the hardware lightly with flour or toothpaste.

Lacquered leather generally only needs to be wiped with a soft cloth, and its gloss is sufficient and it is not easy to absorb dust.

For glossy leather maintenance, please use a little leather maintenance oil on the soft cloth, and then rub the leather slightly;

For matte leather maintenance, you only need to gently wipe with a cloth. If the dirt is serious, you can try to wipe it with a rubber-like rubber.

The natural oils and fats of the leather will gradually decrease with time or excessive use, so even the most advanced leather goods need regular maintenance.

If the leather pieces have black spots, you can try rubbing the same color leather with alcohol. When suede products are soiled, you can use an eraser to wipe them off, and then use a soft brush to smooth them in the direction of the hair during maintenance.

Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings and zippers. Humid and salty environments can cause oxidation of the hardware.

How can I find the ideal wholesale supplier of cheap handbags for my store?

Find a wholesale supplier for handbags in your area, country or overseas according to your requirements. If you plan to create your own store, please refer to the following tips to find a suitable wholesale supplier:

1. Search Google for wholesale suppliers in your country. Once you have finalized several of these, contact someone with a good customer review. Since this is your first purchase, please avoid bulk ordering.

2. In this digital age, social media platforms are booming. Try to find wholesale handbag suppliers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

3. Consider online trading platforms such as AliExpress, Chinabrands, eBay, Amazon, Rosewholesale and Alibaba.

How do I start a handbag and accessories business without a store?

Can be engaged in handbags and accessories business, because you can create a complete website without investment. There is no doubt that fashion handbags are the desire of every woman, so why not buy these bags in bulk and sell them with high profit margins?

If you don't have a store, you can use a shipping service. All you need to do is to let the customer place an order on your platform (ie Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon or Shopify), and then a third party will place the order at the customer's doorstep.

En.china.cn is one such website that provides direct shipping services to potential retailers. In addition, Alibaba, AliExpress and DHgate are also competing.


And that ’s all! Follow this guide about cheap handbags wholesale and start a handbag business of your own. If you have any doubts or queries, let us know in the comment below.


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