Best 8 Wholesale Laptop Suppliers in China/US

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This is an article that introduces you to all the information you need to know about laptops and will recommend you the 8 best laptop wholesalers in China / US.

Laptop is also called "portable laptop, laptop, palmtop or laptop laptop". Its biggest feature is its compact body, which is more portable than a PC and is a small, portable personal laptop, usually weighing 1-3 kg.

The current development trend is that the size is getting smaller and smaller, and the weight is getting lighter, but the functions are getting more powerful. In order to reduce the size, notebook laptops today use liquid crystal displays (also known as liquid crystal LCD screens). In addition to the keyboard, some are also equipped with a touchpad or a pointing stick as a pointing device.

What is the difference between a laptop and a PC?

The main difference between a notebook laptop and a PC is that it is easy to carry, and has different motherboard, CPU requirements, memory, graphics card, hard disk capacity and so on. Although the body of the notebook is very lightweight, there is no need to doubt its applicability. In daily operations and basic business, entertainment, and computing operations, the notebook laptop is fully capable. Today's notebook laptops are differentiated according to their uses. Netbooks tend to be used for daily office and movies, business books tend to be stable and low power consumption for longer battery life. Home notebooks have good performance and high cost performance. Game notebooks It is specially designed to cater to a small number of people going out for games. It has a fever-grade configuration and good entertainment experience. Of course, the price is not low and the battery life is not ideal.

How do I choose a laptop?

Shopping process

First figure out what you are doing and how much you plan to spend, and then look at the notebooks of classmates, colleagues, relatives and friends to get a general understanding. Go online to learn a little about the basic laptop knowledge, or directly find someone who knows the family, classmates and friends. Can help, go to the hypermarket or the online appliance store to see the appearance, price, the number in your heart, and then take a comprehensive consideration before you can shoot.

Regarding brand recognition, each brand has different series corresponding to different user needs. This is best to go to the official website of the appraisal to see the introduction, detailed, accurate, authoritative and reliable.

Undoubtedly in mainland China, Lenovo laptop (lenovo) is the largest brand. Asus Taiwan, Acer, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, etc. are all well-known brands. They have a wide range of products, rich product types, and adaptability. Different needs. Buying mainstream products of big brands is always right, and after-sales are better.

Appearance, this one has its own advantages. Choose which one you prefer. But appearance must be an important reference element.

Processor (CPU) Intel core (Core) series I3 processor, I5 processor are good, general laptop Core I3 processor is enough, in 2013 three generations of I3 have a large number of products on the market, its integrated display HD 4000 is also good performance Yes, the decisive selection collection that does not pursue graphics performance shows small heat production, long battery life, and low price.


Notebook size is generally 11-17 inches, the most common is 14-15 inches, which is also the most sold.

15-inch at home is good, 14-inch mainstream is good, 13-inch mobile is better, and it is not heavy. 17-inch needs are not too much

Generally, a 14-15 inch notebook is a good choice. Although the 15-inch notebook is only one edge larger than the 14-inch notebook, the air circulation in the internal space will be better. If you don't mind the 1-inch classmate, I recommend buying a 15-inch notebook.


Just know that it can be extended to 4G, as long as it comes with a few G

Hard Disk

Use ssd whenever possible

Best 8 Wholesale Laptop Suppliers in China / US


Alibaba is China's largest e-commerce platform. They provide 66,705 wholesale laptop products. About 51% of them are laptop bags, 46% are laptop hardware, and 19% are laptops.

You can use multiple wholesale laptop options such as 3gb, 2gb, and 1gb. You can also choose pink, blue and green. And 15-inch, 17-inch, and 12-inch sizes. And whether the wholesale laptops are netbooks, soft packs or umpcs.

Wholesale laptop products are most popular in the US, UK and Canada.


Dhgate provides you with many types of laptops, including: HP laptops known for their excellent price performance, Dell laptops famous for their value, and more.

The biggest feature of their laptops is that they are cheap, there are many choices for cheap laptops, and the quality is guaranteed. They have no problems in their daily work and have high screen numbers. In recent years, touch-screen laptops have become popular. They are more convenient than traditional laptops, and users can directly touch the application they want without a mouse.


IndiaMART is India's largest online B2B market, connecting buyers with suppliers. This channel has a 60% market share in India's online B2B classification space and is dedicated to providing a platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises and individuals. The company was founded in 1999 with a mission to "make business easy."

Here you can connect with sellers anytime, anywhere, they have a broad market of more products and suppliers. In terms of repayments, they have a payment protection plan, which can make your payments more secure.


Discount laptop Depot offers a variety of cheap, quality laptops, from the Intel Core powerhouse to the Core 2 Duo laptops for everyday use. Their current Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops, as well as customizable laptops, are available online. It's worth mentioning that their team is happy to configure any brand or model to your liking. In addition to low prices, extended warranty, and excellent customer service, Discount laptop Depot also installs Windows 10 on every refurbished laptop to ensure your best user experience.

All Discount laptop Depots are used and refurbished laptops have passed one of the most comprehensive three tests that can be performed on a laptop, and Discount laptop Depot offers free shipping and a free one-year warranty to all customers .

5.HKTDC is just like the website that we discussed in the earlier point. There are a lot of notebooks that you could find here. Categories are divided and you need to go them. Click on these categories and you will get a lot of options to buy from. These categories include a simple notebook with pen, building block notebook, mini notebook, memo cube, notebook with ball pen, etc. is the only online platform funded by the Chinese state. Although his reputation is not as good as Alibaba's, they also have many suppliers. They have all kinds of laptops, including HP laptops, Dell laptops, Lenovo laptops and much more. For them, quality is absolutely guaranteed. Whether it is a supplier or a product, they are supplied after multiple inspections. They also offer discounts, up to 70% off, so you can buy from this website when they're on sale, and it's absolutely good value for money.

They also provide amazing services, you can directly contact the supplier through various methods such as mail and direct conversation on this website, and they will reply you within 24 hours. They also provide a variety of payment methods, such as t / t bank card payment, etc. You can also negotiate with the supplier to choose other payment methods. In short, this website gives you enough freedom.

It is worth mentioning that after the sale of this website, if you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can get a full refund! offers you cheap second-hand laptops, desktops and other quality second-hand IT. You can usually get a cheap laptop or other device at a similar price to a new device for less than a quarter of the new IT price. So this is a good choice for buying a used laptop, other laptop, monitor or accessory.

A refurbished cheap laptop or other laptop gives you the level of sophistication and performance you may not be able to afford. Provide quality products and higher specifications at very reasonable prices.

8.Kellis Gifts is a website that has such a collection of notebooks which will impress you a lot. There are a lot of websites, where you could get notebooks of your choice, but what you could not get anywhere else, could be found here. Along with the good and stylish notebooks, you could get boards and memo pads too and that too at wholesale price.

Which laptop is best HP or Dell?

Personally prefer Dell. In terms of price, HP is better. Dell's is relatively expensive, HP's is more cost-effective in comparison, the disadvantage is that the heat is not very good. The specific one that suits you needs to be considered from your budget, purpose, and personal preferences. If it is only for general use, not for playing online games all day, HP's mid-range machine can fully cope. If the budget is sufficient, buy high-end machines, you can choose Dell. After all are big brands. My Dell has been used for more than a year and there are no problems at all.

How do I take care of my laptop?

Do not use in unstable environments, such as in a car. This will cause great damage to the hard disk, and even make the hard disk scrap. The same is true in the off state. When shutting down and turning on the machine again, it is best to wait one minute before turning it on again. It is best to switch off the notebook for more than 20 seconds before moving it.

Do not use it in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low. This will have the greatest impact on the LCD and the battery. The low temperature is best not lower than 10 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature is best not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

The notebook should be kept away from magnetic materials such as microwave ovens and speakers, which will cause great damage to the hard disk and even make the hard disk data disappear. Keep the memory away from electronic products such as mobile phones that can generate high-frequency signals.

Notebook cleaning: Notebooks are regularly cared for. Notebooks are a more delicate device, so pay attention to cleaning and nursing them regularly. For thorough cleaning, we should first power off the laptop and then remove the battery from it. When cleaning the LCD screen, it is best to wipe it gently with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with water. There is no need to buy special laptop cleaners. When cleaning the keyboard, first use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle with the smallest and softest brush to clean the dust between the key gaps, and then wipe the keycap with a soft cloth slightly moistened, and use a piece to dry immediately after finishing one Wipe the cloth dry, remember not to let a drop of liquid penetrate the inside of the case. Also, do not use corrosive liquids to clean your laptop, let alone alcohol.


This is all important information about wholesale laptops. It contains enough information needed. Lists all the important sites you can use to buy a notebook. In addition, if you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss with us.


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