JOUAV brings many products to the World UAV Conference

  • 2021-06-15 14:13:49
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On May 21, the 2021 Fifth World UAV Conference and Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen as scheduled. JOUAV has exhibited many new products with many partners, including the hydrogen-powered vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV CW-25H jointly launched with Doosan Innovation; 5G networked UAV jointly launched with China Mobile Cheng Research Institute; and The CW-15+ industrial camera solution jointly launched by Phase One China; the aerial survey software solution jointly launched by Wuhan Xuntu, etc.


JOUAV also won a series of honors at the conference, such as the 2021 5th Global Drone Contribution Award, the 5th World Drone Conference JOUAV Design Award, the 5G Netlinked Drone Application Landing - Contribution Award, and the Police Equipment Technology Innovation Award.

With the continuous development and progress of aviation technology and industry chain, the emerging aviation industry represented by drones has entered a new stage of development, and its intelligent, platform-oriented, and tool-oriented attributes have been further explored and strengthened. "The reduction of cost will further promote the popularization of industrial drones and empower various industries.

In this exhibition, JOUAV first fully demonstrated the platform-based architecture model and is committed to providing users with a more high-quality experience and differentiated services to serve a broader range of application scenarios.

Hydrogen-powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV CW-25H


In May this year, the company, together with Doosan Innovation, successfully delivered the world's practical hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing UAV, CW-25H, with a range of 330 minutes.

After two years of intensive technical research, JOUAV completed the development of an integrated hydrogen fuel cell + UAV platform based on its rich technical accumulation in the field of vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing UAVs; Doosan Innovation successfully launched a new generation of lightweight, air-cooled DM15 fuel cell system based on its technical advantages in the field of fuel cells. The close cooperation between the two parties has enabled the hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing UAV to move from concept exploration and critical technology research to the stage of engineering and radicalization.

5G Networked Drones 


In April, JOUAV, together with China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute, released the JOUAV 5G Networked UAV solution. 5G Networked Drones

 is deeply integrated with the 5G Networked system. It can be applied in many fields such as water patrol, forest patrol, and grass protection, Border patrol and defense, coastal security, emergency disaster relief, police law enforcement, aerial security, digital city, traffic patrol, etc.


CW-15 V2 + Industrial Camera Solution 


In March, JOUAV released the CW-15 V2 UAV, which can be as simple and easy to use as a consumer-grade product and can be used with partners for secondary development of loads and software.

JOUAV CW-15 V2 UAV is equipped with a 100 million pixel Feisi camera, which can achieve better than 2CM resolution tilt photography and achieve "high efficiency and high accuracy. "It can realize multiple uses of one data, change the application of mapping and geographic information in various industries, and build a broad new application model.

Cooperating with Wuhan RAMAP to exhibit aerial survey software solutions

Over the years, JOUAV and Wuhan RAMAP have continuously launched aerial survey system software. For example, in 2017, our two companies jointly established the 1:500 camera-free photogrammetry system, which saved many fieldworks for most photogrammetry users. It is highly praised within.

Now, after three and a half years of hard work, combined with the latest photogrammetry development trends and trends at home and abroad, the two companies have jointly developed a new generation of realistic 3D system and 2D integrated system, providing a more efficient and scientific solution for the photogrammetry industry. 

One of the new generation of the realistic 3D system, from multiple images, after a series of efficient automated processing, to get high precision and high fidelity of the actual 3D model, processing, you can join the ground control points or air control (differential GPS) to get the product with geographic coordinates. After further optimization by GPU technology and intelligent cluster technology, the efficiency of the product has been dramatically improved, and the product effect, flat plane, and straight line, so that the realistic 3D to the natural direction to a higher level. 

The 2D integrated system, on the other hand, starts from the image of vertical photography, and after a series of efficient automated processing, gets high precision and high fidelity DSM and TDOM (accurate shot) ideas, including the functions of air three, image control free, DSM dense matching, proper shot correction, seam line finding, color leveling, and light leveling.

In addition, the JOUAV UAV ground charge vehicle was also presented at the exhibition. The ground accusation vehicle can highly integrate the JOUAV UAV platform, mission payload, ground command system, highly integrated, fast response; reasonable layout, convenient operation; 100 km long dual link; durable and reliable, uninterrupted operation; multiple redundancy, safe operation, and other features. 

Platform strategy is the global dynamic optimization that JOUAV has been pursuing. JOUAV advocates and drives the "point, line, surface, and body" in the industrial UAV ecosystem to develop and connect extensively to form a network effect, thus accelerating the innovation of technology and products.

JOUAV Chairman Ren Bin said that the new generation of industrial drones is safe, reliable, and empowering to all industries and "popularized" by the low cost of use. "Only in this way can drones become "industry-based tools" in the true sense of the word.


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