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Are you looking for a Home decor wholesale supplier or distributor? Home decor refers to the second-time furnishing and arrangement of the interior after the decoration is completed, using those ornaments and furniture that are easy to change and change positions, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, tablecloths and decorative crafts, and decorative ironwork. There are also cloth art, hanging pictures, plants and so on. Home decor, as a movable decoration, can better reflect the taste of the owner, which is the finishing touch for creating a home atmosphere.

As a distributor or retailer, you have the opportunity to earn as much money as possible to sell home decorations to your customers. However, you must understand what is happening in this market. This will give you more advantages than others.

This article will reveal where you can find home furnishing wholesale distributors where you can wholesale home goods for sale to customers.

What should I buy for home decoration?

The home decoration market is a vast market because there are different products for different audiences. All you have to do is choose any market segment where you think your target audience will respond positively and start selling. Here is a list of home decor catalog ideas to inspire you in the home store.

Vase: It is a kind of utensil, mostly made of ceramic or glass, with a beautiful and smooth appearance; valuables are made of expensive materials such as crystal. It is used to hold beautiful plants with flowering branches.The bottom of the vase is usually filled with water to keep the plants active and beautiful.

The characteristics of the vase are beautiful appearance, smooth touch, and the more common traditional vases are slightly larger in mouth, narrow in neck diameter, and then plump and seductive, and the bottom line is closed, which is full of S shape.

In this way, no matter in terms of Suona's appearance, gorgeous surface pattern or smooth touch, she looks like a beautiful woman—a devil's body, a sturdy body, a beautiful face, and smooth and delicate skin.

Modern home furnishings are not enough just for practical purposes. More and more designers have integrated ingenious thoughts and applied the functions of beautifying the home to ordinary home decorations.

Furniture: Popular furniture styles include western home furnishings, old-fashioned furniture, shabby chic decorations, modern and designer furniture.

Carpets / Curtains / Wall Decorations: Beautiful carpets or wall decorations make a room unique.

Lighting: Common lighting items include indoor lights, night lights, string lights, music lights, candle lights, smart lights, lighting and more creative lights,

Artificial flowers: Usually refers to fake flowers made of stretch silk, crepe paper, polyester, plastic, crystal, etc., and dried flowers baked from flowers. The industry generally refers to artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name suggests, are based on flowers and imitated with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials. Today, simulation products are getting better and better.

It can be real. In addition to expressing various flowers, there are simulated leaves, simulated branches, simulated weeds, simulated trees, and so on.

Ice crystal painting: Also known as glass ice crystal painting, its picture synthesis completely adopts advanced glass image synthesis patented technology, using physical imaging principles supplemented by chemical generation technology to instantly achieve the perfect combination of images and glass, MDF and other materials. The technology of ice crystal painting is simple, the investment of ice crystal painting production equipment is small, and it is suitable for friends with insufficient production funds in the early stage. Ice crystal painting equipment is mainly a curing box, which is basically manual operation. Fast production and high efficiency. Because of its low cost, small investment, and low rate of defective products, it has formed an ice crystal painting production base.

Where can I Buy Cheap Home Decorations?

The type of product or niche market you choose to sell is not important because the vendor you choose is important. Listed below are platforms where you will find some of the best wholesale home decor suppliers.


Wholesaleaccessorymarket will give you access to different types of products that will help you make money from your dropshipping efforts. These are rare products which your customers or target audience will find very interesting. They could be Mugs, Frames, Cutting Boards, Wooden Signs, Metal signs, and Wall Signs.


Creative Co-Op is a global leader in wholesale Home decor, designing and distributing lifestyle products for many retailers worldwide. Their "creative" part revolves around imagination, design, and collaboration with artists. Their combination gives them the unique ability to bring extraordinary products to their valued customers.

3. Wholesale Primitives

If there is one thing you will find interesting about this company, it is the fact that it gives you access to products which you never even thought existed in the first place. There are various categories of home decor products which you will come across when you visit. These are Frames, Stickers, Wall Papers, Furniture, and others. This is a top company for getting wholesale rustic home decor items that you can resell.


Koleimports ships to more than 100 countries worldwide. As one of the largest grocery wholesalers in the United States, they import thousands of products, wholesale them all over the United States, and export them internationally. Their multilingual sales team can easily collaborate with Kole Imports. They offer competitive shipping rates and have an experienced shipping department to help you easily and cost-effectively place export orders in various sizes.


Koehler Home Decor is your source for wholesale home decor accessories and direct wholesale unique gifts. They distribute high quality wholesale home decor, wholesale gifts, home decor accessories, wholesale furniture and kitchen and bathroom accessories. Explore unique home decor and home decors such as bohemian, coastal, rustic farmhouses, shabby chic farmhouses, urban modern homes and more. Buy Home Decoration Wholesale! They have unique preferential policies, if you are a member, you will save an additional 10%.


Something Different Wholesale has grown rapidly over the past 19 years and is recognized as one of the UK's leading wholesale gift software providers and importers.

They pride themselves on providing superior customer service and a wide variety of inventory options, serving customers worldwide and meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes. Their unique “no order” selling point means that their business attracts customers who want the flexibility to try out gift software ideas with their customers and can choose to use fewer new items and new products to increase their inventory.

They have more than 3,000 products in stock for next day delivery, and products with orders over £ 75 can be delivered free of charge in the UK. is the only online platform funded by the Chinese state. Although his reputation is not as good as Alibaba's, they also have many suppliers. They have all kinds of pianos for wholesale furniture, such as wholesale furniture, vases, carpets, curtains and so on. The quality of their products is very reliable, and their products are supplied after multiple inspections. They also offer discounts, up to 70% off, so you can buy from this website when they are on sale, and it is absolutely good value for money.

They also provide amazing services, you can directly contact the supplier through various methods such as mail and direct conversation on this website, and they will reply you within 24 hours. They also provide a variety of payment methods, such as t / t bank card payment, etc. You can also negotiate with the supplier to choose other payment methods. In short, this website gives you enough freedom.

It is worth mentioning that after the sale of this website, if you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can get a full refund!


If you are looking for new and innovative home decoration items, this company ticks all of the boxes. It gives you access to various categories of home decor items which you can resell to your target customers and make money. One great part about this company is that it also supports dropshippers. This can help you automate your business to any level that you want.


Etsy is a global market for unique and creative products. From unique handmade works to antique treasures, there are all kinds of extraordinary items here. With low fees, powerful tools, and support and education, they can help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and expand their businesses. Want to become an Etsy seller? It only costs 20 cents at the beginning.


Mullberryhome offers thousands of gifts and decorations at wholesale prices, all without a minimum. Skip the trade show and put away the huge catalog. All goods arrive at their warehouse and are immediately broken down into smaller inner or single packages; this way, you do not need to submit the entire project case. When it's sold, stop and go back and pick up some more. Try new products.


Sparks Gift Wholesaler is one of the UK's leading wholesale suppliers of Home decor, housewares and interior decorations. They furnish cottages, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. And add the latest designs, styles and fashions to homeware gift products and store a wide variety of goods in their cash carry warehouses and online stores. As the UK's leading supplier and distributor of wholesale home decorations and wholesale home decor products, they offer a wide range of home decorations and interior decorations at low wholesale prices. They stock all kinds of decorative kitchen gifts, door stops, cushions, clocks, wall hangings, candles and tea lamp holders, wholesale furniture and pictures, cups and ceramics, shabby chic and restaurant gifts


Giftcraft has made a name for itself over the years offering top home decor products. It has received lots of positive reviews from customers who have tried it out in the past. This means you don't have any problem dropshipping any of its home decor products . You will get lots of home decor items and accessories here. It could be Furniture, Pillows and Throws, Lightings, Themes, and lots more. You will not have access to lots of wholesale home decor suppliers though.

Where is the best place to buy wholesale home decor?

The best place to buy home decor items is Chinabrands. One of the reasons is that it gives you access to thousands of wholesale home decor suppliers which you can choose from. Also, it has an API technology which helps to ensure that your dropshipping business is automated as goods will be delivered automatically any time your customers place orders.

Home decor display skills

Overall style

First find out the general style and hue, and it is not easy to make mistakes according to this unified tone. For example, simple home design, Home decor with a sense of design are very suitable for the personality of the entire space; if it is a natural country style, natural Home decor are the main.


When people are decorating, they often want to show everything. But if you put it too much, it loses its characteristics. At this time, you can first classify the jewelry at home and put the same attributes together, so you don't have to rush to show them all. After classification, you can change the layout according to the season or festival to change different home moods.


Small and medium-sized accessories such as ornaments, pillows, tablecloths, and small pendants are the easiest to get started with, and beginners can start from these, and then slowly spread to large furniture. Small Home decor will often become the focal point of the vision, which can better reflect the owner's interests and hobbies.

Home Cloth

Every season, there are different colors and patterns of home textiles. Whether it is colorful prints, or gorgeous silk, romantic lace, you can change different home styles by changing different styles of home textiles. Furniture is more economical and easier to finish.

The color system of the home decoration fabric must be unified to make the matching more harmonious and enhance the overall sense of the living room. The hard lines and cool colors in the home can be softened with fabric. In spring, choose a fresh flower pattern, full of spring; in summer, choose a refreshing fruit or flower pattern; in autumn and winter, you can put on a fluffy pillow to warm the winter.

Green plant

To bring home a breath of nature, it is no simpler way to put some flowers and plants in your home, especially the seasonal arrangement. Flowers are even more important. Different seasons will have different flowers, which can create a completely different space Appeal.

Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is clear that there are many ways to ship wholesale decorative items directly. It's all about finding what your target audience is most interested in or even the most compelling.

For me, I suggest you use a professional platform with end-to-end integration so that your order inventory is synchronized. If you are just a retail retailer, choose a retailer that can provide you with the best prices and customer service.


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